We have categorized PMC package of our services in three phases of project which will ensure overall solution of project from inception to handing over to Operations & Maintenance team
Pre-Construction Phase


  • Carrying out a feasible study of project timeline/ cost and make sure with the client that it is can be done with performance, time and quality.
  • Evaluating the special conditions of tendering and also analysing the constraints of tender in order of being called out.
  • Coordination with Architectural/ Structure/MEP/Interior Design for Conceptual Design & Design Development
  • Reviewing of technical specification and bill of quantities submitted by consultant.
  • Assisting client for conducting pre bid meetings and explaining the tender technical parameters.
  • Preparation of comparative chart with evaluation indices for the bids received
  • Directing the client and contractors to consider issues related to agreement and contract upon successful selection of contractor.
  • Estimating a time vs. cost curve in order to monitor the cost control during all stages
  • Preparing a project strategy chart with work breakdown responsibilities of Contractors.
  • Preparing master schedule with baseline for planning, implementing and monitoring all the activities to achieve target deadline.
  • Coordination with Consultants, Clients and Contractors.
  • Developing project control system/Project Specific Guidelines
Construction Phase


  • Managing overall project tasks and schedule on day to day basis for coordination among different agencies.
  • Providing guidance and direction to successful contractor agencies for adherence to timeline/ quality.
  • Monitoring the progress of work with master construction schedule prepared in agreement with contractor/ client
  • Ensuring the effective planning of operations on site and minimizing the wastage of materials.
  • Preparing QA/QC plan and Implementation of Quality Check Procedures.
  • Establishing SHE policy (safety health environment)
  • Issuing Goods for construction drawings provided by Design Consultants after review.
  • Design & Site Coordination Meeting with Contractors and Consultants
  • Progress Review Meetings on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis.
  • Prepare and distribute Daily Progress Reports, Weekly Progress Reports and Monthly Progress Reports
  • Certification of Interim Payment Applications submitted by Contractor.
  • Certification of Material Reconciliation on Monthly Basis
  • Sales Recovery vs Capital Invested Tracking (optional)
  • Funds Requirement Model Monthly & Annually
  • Document Controlling
Post-Construction Phase


  • Preparing and addressing the schedule of defects/punch lists.
  • Certifying all final accounts in accordance with contractors, suppliers, vendors and consultants.
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Technical & Financial Closure
  • Verifying that all as-built drawings.
  • Preparation of maintenance / operational manuals, preparing “As Built” drawings and attending to maintenance problem during and after commissioning
  • Reporting PMC to client close to the point of practical completion on any incomplete works and defects and instructing the contractors to complete the works and make good defects, during the defect’s liability period.