COVID-19 Pandemic, unforgettable chapter in everyone’s life, people are scared of their health, survival, business, jobs, manufacturing, productions, construction etc and adopting new normal is not easy. WHO has declared this disease communicable and this will remain a part of our life. The Working Culture will not remain the same as it was earlier before pandemic, Social Distancing, Masks, Hand Gloves, Sanitization are mandatory norms issued by MHA. To resume daily routine life to “NEW NORMAL”, Smart Tech Team have come up with best solutions and collaborated with Experienced doctors, Engineers and HSE Officers to create New SOP/Amendment in SOP which will not help real estate sector to resume their building operations, construction, sales and renting but give a boost to employment of labour. Major Issues like Labour Logistics, Food, Shelter & Medical Insurance, Hygiene Environment, Sanitization, safe working distance, time planning, list of checklists, tracking, screening etc. shall be covered during preparation of SOP’s.

This package includes Amendments of following:

  • Suggestions/Advices
  • SOP Layouts
  • SOP Worksheets
  • Construction SOP
  • QS & Billing SOP
  • Procurement SOP
  • Building O&M SOP
  • Admin & HR SOP
  • Plant & Machinery SOP
  • Labour Hutment
  • Temporary Infrastructure
  • Other
  • New SOP or Manuals – Project Specific
  • Amendment in SOP
  • Buildings – Operations & Maintenance SOP